Where To Invest Your Money During The Times Of Rising Inflation in 2022 and Beyond

Inflation is defined as the rate at which a currency’s value falls and, as a result, the general level of prices for goods and services rises. Inflation is a natural occurrence in an economy. However, inflation hedging can counteract the expected loss in the price of a currency, thereby safeguarding the lost purchasing power. Inflation hedging can also help protect an investment’s value. Although several assets appear to produce a good return, they can be sold at a loss when inflation is taken into account.

Consumer prices rose 8,5% in March 2022 according to CNBC. Here is the full source on US Bureau of Statistics. A prudent investor can prepare for inflation by focusing on asset classes that outperform the market during inflationary periods. Although classic bonds are the most common choice for the income-seeking investor, they aren’t the only investment that generates a revenue stream.

Source: BBC.COM

Mutual funds

Creating a mutual fund portfolio is similar to building a house. There are numerous approaches. People have their own preferred tactics, designs, equipment, and building materials. Finally, all structures share some basic characteristics and tend to work similarly. To design a mutual fund portfolio that will grow your money, you must go beyond the wise advice of avoiding placing all of your eggs in one basket. A long-lasting structure necessitates a well-thought-out design and a solid base.

Real estate 

Because property values tend to rise over time, the sector has historically proven an excellent inflation hedge. Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are a simple method to acquire access to real estate investments without spending a fortune. Furthermore, REITs frequently pay interest and dividends as regular payments. Because dividends are not taxed, the overall net tax payout to the investor from such assets tends to be superior.


Stocks can be a good long-term inflation hedge, but they can suffer in the near term if inflation rises sharply. If you’re new to investing, now is a better time to get started. To do so, you must first open an account with a brokerage or trading platform. Select examined more than a dozen internet brokers that offer zero-commission trading to identify the finest solutions for beginner investors. The best brokerages for free stock trading offer the most investment alternatives, user-friendly technology, excellent customer service, and educational materials. As you invest, consider that the current inflationary difficulties may be temporary, so avoid making major adjustments to your portfolio that could harm performance if inflation falls.


Commodities include gold and other precious metals and raw materials, and other natural resources used in manufacturing. As demand rises, so do economic prices, and the cost of manufacturing to supply that need often climbs in lockstep. During times of uncertainty, commodities are often regarded as safe-haven assets. Commodities, which do not pay dividends or reflect any underlying business, are uncorrelated to the traditional asset classes of stocks and bonds and tend to move in opposite directions.


Bitcoin is frequently referred to as “digital gold,” and due to its restricted quantity, it should protect against inflation. However, the judgment is still out on whether it will be a good long-term inflation hedge. Bitcoin can be challenging to include in a diverse portfolio.


To invest your money during periods of high inflation, look for inexpensive investment options such as value stocks or markets with more acceptable values instead of real assets such as gold, which have traditionally served as a hedge. TIPS is the safest bet for investors looking to protect themselves against inflation. Otherwise, utilize an inflation surge period to assess your overall investment performance and allocation to ensure it aligns with your objectives.

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