Media Kit

Americas Truth Forum has over 30,000 subscribers and followers on Twitter. We are committed to journalism at its finest as we accept quality sponsored content and advertisers that will most benefit our subscribers.

Ad Sizes

Our advertisement sizes range from 1/6 page to full page.


All advertisements must be submitted digitally via digital file or multiple files.

Advertisement Positions

All Americas Truth Form features a variety of unit positions including the following:

Sidebar – advertisements with our sidebar are sized as 125 x 250 pixels.

Comments – advertisements will be placed along the common section at 180 x 400 pixels.

Search Results – advertisements will be placed on the search results sections, sized at 200 x 500 pixels.


All advertisements must take control of the control display. Advertisements must also be related to our applicable, regulations, guidelines against false or misleading news. Ads must not display a poor reflection of Americas Truth Forum

We at Americas Truth Forum reserve the right to remove or reject any misleading advertisements. If you are interested in discussing your advertisement campaigns with us, please send us an email.

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