5 Things You Should Know About America’s Support in Mine Action

Every year, the United States joins the global reach of the UN International Day of Mine Action. The aim is to reflect on the progress in clearing landmines and hidden dangers of the surrounding communities near the mines.

Here are 5 things you should know about America’s support for mine action.

America is the largest financial supporter of Weapons Destruction in the World

The United States shares common interests in those who work to address the damage of landmines and civilians to prevent weapons from falling into the wrong hands. For the past twenty years, the United States has invested almost $3 billion in efforts to reduce the effects of at-risk weapons of war.

U.S. Programs Vital in Defeat Against Terrorists

In the midst of the fight against ISIS, the U.S. is fighting to ensure that ISIS stays out of the cities it once pushed out. However, many are leaving explosive devices in places like schools, places of worship, and hospitals.

The U.S. is also assisting in several non-governmental organizations in efforts to restore access to refugees and stabilization.

Countries are Mine-Free Due to America’s Investment

In 2015, as many as 16 countries have declared themselves mine-free due to the efforts of the United States and international organizations.

Support for Training, Education, and Rehab

Aside from the removal of landmines, the U.S. has also invested in risk education to prevent later accidents and offer services of rehabilitation, prosthetics, and training. Civilians in Iraq are fleeing large cities as many are not familiar with the local mines and hazards. As a result, families are confronted with hazards and booby-traps created by ISIS. Today, the U.S. supports the education of risk and prevention for nearly 90,000 civilians.

U.S. Programs for Weapons Destruction to aid in Demining

The conventional weapons destruction programs prevent light weapons, small arms, and ammunition from falling into terrorist hands. As stocks of excess conventional arms cause threat in security, terrorists are fueled to carry on violence. Additionally, the result of lost weapons or theft will lead to dangerous outcomes as poorly maintained stockpiles may become at risk of the explosion without notice.

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6 Reasons Why the G.O.P. Leaders haven’t Left President Trump

With the recent actions of President Trump, citizens are asking why leaders aren’t leaving the support of Trump and their position. What will it take for GOP leaders to leave Trump’s chaos? Well, we’ve narrowed down the top reasons why these Republican leaders choose to stay.

Here are 6 reasons why the G.O.P. leaders haven’t left President Trump.

Lack of Collusion Evidence

Many of the top Republicans state that they have yet to see any evidence regarding President Trump and his ties with the Russians during his presidential campaign. Without many roofs, the political party is not ready to engage in conflict with Mr. Trump.

Continuous Investigations

Senate and House Republicans state that more investigations are being conducted by the panel of leaders are taking serious actions in their investigations.

Rejecting the Demands of Democrat party

Democrats are devoted to stirring up news in the White House. Republicans refrain from giving in to the demands of the Democratic Party in the control of special counsel or committee.

Vote Protection

While Republicans are aware of the risk of alienating voters who support Trump as president, they are also going to need those votes during the elections. Even Democrats and independent voters are against Mr. Trump, while red state conservatives continue to stand by him.

Undermine the media

Republicans are losing trust in the media as it has become a way for organizations to damage or destroy the administration. The actions against Trump make it quite obvious of those who support and those who oppose his presidency.

Skeptical to Special Counsel

Republicans continue to gear the idea of a special counsel as it may lower the controversy in the White House. Many worries that moving in that direction many give new credits to the accusation against President Trump and leave the Republican party with little control over the outcome.

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5 Things Citizens Should Know About the U.S. ties with Russia

Wonder why there’s a lot at stake when it comes to President trump and his ties with Russia? Before the U.S. Congress dedicated to putting sanctions on Russia for its conflict in the Ukraine, there are still major American companies with a strong presence in Russia.

Here are 5 things citizens should know about the U.S. ties with Russia.

Export Trade is Small

The flow of export services between Russia and the United States are reported to be well under $30 billion. Comparatively, China’s trade with the U.S. is more than 20 times more than Russia.

Tiny Investments

Russia has only been said to have invested less than $5 billion in U.S. based businesses. While citizens may consider that it is a high investment, it is only 0.1% of the total foreign investment in America today.

Major U.S. Brands are Located in Russia

Consider the major American companies operating in Russia today, including Ford, ExxonMobil, and McDonald’s. There are hundreds of McDonald’s restaurants located in Russia as it is known to have a high growth market. Ford also operated four manufacturing facilities in Russia, while Exxon pumps 10% of its oil.

Russia owns U.S. Debt

Frankly, Russia owns $105 billion in U.S. government bonds. Like many nations, Russia prefers to purchase foreign government bonds and U.S. Treasuries to improve foreign currency. Since 2015, Russia has begun improving its reserves as its holding of Treasuries are constantly growing.

Russia Set to Host the 2018 World Cup

The FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia in 2018 with 14 mentioned sponsors. However, only three sponsors of the event are American companies, which includes Visa, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola. Another sponsor of the event includes Budweiser, an American beer brand based in Belgium.

Infographic by: www.resistancemanual.org

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