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Robert D. Gunnels
April 17, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

"As our college was preparing for its first distinguished speakers series, we considered what the most relevant topic of the day would be for our students and community. The threat of Islamic terrorism was a natural topic, especially since the college houses a fire training division, the state law enforcement academy is located nearby, and many defense-related industries are in our community. In seeking out a speaker for the chosen topic, one name and organization surfaced again-and-again as the "go-to" experts: Jeff Epstein and America's Truth Forum. The breath and depth of knowledge Jeff and the other speakers (Dr. Harvey Kushner and Dr. Bruce Tefft) brought, opened the eyes of our audience to the very real threat we face as a nation and civilization. America's Truth Forum is the premier organization on the front lines of this battle, disseminating a greater understanding about terrorism and the action we must take to combat it. I highly recommend Jeff Epstein and America’s Truth Forum to anyone seeking an in-depth understanding of Islamic Terrorism."

Robert D. Gunnels
Vice Chancellor for Extended Education
Southern Arkansas University Tech
Camden, Arkansas


Harvey Kushner
(Criminal Justice Dept. Chairman for Long Island University / FBI, US Customs consultant):

"There is no shortage of blogs addressing the dangers of our Islamic enenies; however, there is just one organization, ATF, bringing the major issues related to Islamic terrorism directly to the people. ATF's meetings bring important, unvarnished, information directly to the people impacted the most-the general public. The latter has been fed a varnished, pc, explanation of terrorism, not the real issue-the destruction of our ability to identify our enemy: the substitution of our Judeo-Christian values for Sharia law, ATF is the only organization I know that visits different parts to allow people to interact directly with experts. This traveling road show must continue."

Robert Spencer
(Director of Jihad Watch)

"The ATF sympsoium is one of the few occasions during which Americans can -- without politically correct trimming and distortion -- learn the truth about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, and what we can do to resist Islamic supremacism. At a time when both liberal and conservative media figures resist telling these truths, whether out of ignorance, fear, or both, this is one time when some of the leading spokesmen of the counterjihad movement can be heard at length."

G. Gordon Liddy:

"Were it not absolutely necessary that I be in Washington, I would absolutely attend the forthcoming America's Truth Forum event in Dallas. I know Caroline Glick and Frank Gaffney personally and would never miss a presentation of either of them. At Dallas you'll get to hear them both, on subjects of the utmost importance to our nation and to you. Be there!"

Capt. Larry Bailey:

"Jeff Epstein is a born crusader, and his crusade has nothing less at stake than Western Civilization. That sounds over the top, but if one reads the news, it becomes clear that radical Islam is the greatest threat the West has confronted in centuries--Naziism and Communism notwithstanding. The Dallas symposium enables Americans to understand the nature of the threat and how to combat it."

Larry Bailey
Captain, US Navy (Retired)
Chairman, Gathering of Eagles

Caroline Glick:
(Senior Editor - Jerusalem Post)

"America's Truth Forum upcoming symposium, "Exposing the threat of Islamist terrorism," will provide an essential service to the public. In one form or another, the forces of the global jihad - with their epicenters in Iran and Saudi Arabia - have been waging war against the United States and the rest of the Free World since the Iranian revolution in 1979.

While individual acts of terror and subversion are generally reported by the media, the underlying rationale of jihad which motivates bombers and agents of subversion is consistently overlooked. Consequently, the public is left in the dark about why innocents are being attacks worldwide. This general ignorance causes public apathy and governmental paralysis in contending with the fact that a global jihad is being waged against us. And as a result, governments rest on their laurels and the public remains in the dark about the very real dangers to its safety and long-term security.

By bringing experts from a wide variety of fields and professional backgrounds together under one roof, America's Truth Forum will provide the public with an opportunity to learn about what the media doesn't report. Those attending the upcoming symposium will be provided with the knowledge necessary to enable them to connect the dots between terrorists, their state supporters and enablers on the one hand, and the proper strategies for defeating them on the other.

As the 2008 presidential elections heat up it is clear that America and the world need for the American people to be sufficiently educated about the dangers of the 21st century that arise from the global jihad. Only by understanding these dangers will the American people be able to ensure that the next President will be a leader who understands and is committed to defending the United States and the rest of the Free World against the threat posed by the forces of jihad at home and around the world.

Tom Tancredo, US Congressman

"The "Radical Islamist Threat to World Peace and National Security" symposium hosted by America's Truth Forum is an important event that comes at a critical time. As recent events in London have shown, fundamentalist Islam continues to pose a serious threat not just to the United States, but to all of Western civilization.

I find it deeply troubling the very nature of the threat that seeks to destroy our way of life is not being discussed among major decision makers in Washington. After all, how can we defeat our enemy if we refuse to identify him?

Much of our national security establishment and many of those in the media - in an effort to be politically correct - have not been forthcoming with American people about our adversary in the cultural clash often referred to as the "War on Terror". They refuse to admit that our enemy is not terrorism, but radical Islam. This corrosive ideology is what inspires the heinous acts of inhumanity perpetuated by its followers - terrorism is simply one of their tactics. They use the information superhighway and our porous borders to infiltrate our communities, and they will stop at nothing to destroy our way of life.

I am thankful that the America's Truth Forum is at the head of the pack in informing the American people of the threat of Islamic Fundamentalism. If we are to be successful in our quest to defeat this monumental threat, our first step is to honest with America and ourselves about the nature of our enemy and the values which they seek to impose on us. This event is an important part of accomplishing that goal."




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